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About Us

Nova Scotia Health, Mental Health and Addictions Program 

Our Mission

Mental Health and Addictions Program’s mission is to enable people experiencing mental disorders, including addictions, to manage their conditions and work towards recovery by: 

  • Providing specialized evidence informed treatment and care to address the needs of people (children, youth, adults) experiencing moderate to severe mental disorders, including addictions, that interfere with their functioning;
  • Working with partners to deliver crisis supports and services to people in need of emergency care; 
  • Supporting Primary Health Care and other providers to enable people experiencing mild to moderate symptoms to manage their conditions and reduce functional impairment; 
  • Contributing to mental health promotion, early intervention, and the elimination of stigma;
  • Fostering efforts to strengthen the Mental Health and Addictions system by working with people and their families, community organizations, other programs of care, and government.


Our values

  • People and Families

We are committed to Person & Family Focused Care - designing, implementing and delivering our services from the perspective of what will be most effective.

  • Workforce and Teams

We are committed to a positive work environment for our teams that prioritizes meaningful engagement in work, satisfaction in roles, training and development, and physical and psychological safety. 

  • Colleagues and Partners

We are committed to working collaboratively with our colleagues and partners to improve outcomes. 

  • Diversity and Inclusion

We are committed to respecting and valuing diversity and creating an environment that is inclusive of all.

  • Research and Innovation

We are committed to investing in research and innovation to enable continuous learning and improvement.

  • Quality and Effectiveness

We are committed to applying what we learn, and to measuring and monitoring our services and service delivery approach to enable positive outcomes for the people we serve.

  • Sustainability

We are committed to managing and investing our financial and human resources responsibly and strategically so that our services, and the positive outcomes they enable people to achieve, are sustainable.

  • Accountability

We are committed to reporting regularly on the impact of our programs and decisions.


Direction 2025

Direction 2025 is the name given to the Mental Health and Addictions Program’s (MHAP) vision for the future of the Program and how it will be brought to life. Click here to learn more.


Milestones on our Journey

Click here to read our milestones report published in August 2017 on our journey to transform Mental Health and Addictions in Nova Scotia.

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