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Primary Health Care

The Mental Health and Addictions Program has updated our intake and referral process. Physicians can access up to date forms and additional information below. 

Referral Forms




Looking for other tools, resources, and supports to improve the delivery of patient-centered care? The Primary Health Care and Chronic Disease Management Network, Nova Scotia Health, have developed a Practice Support Program to support you and your team, foster a culture of shared learning, quality and safety, and ultimately enable quality care for patients and families. To learn more click here.

Virtual Hallway

Virtual Hallway, a Nova Scotian company that connects primary care providers with specialists to improve patient access to specialist care. It aims to improve patient access to specialist care by facilitating rapid specialist phone consults for family doctors and nurse practitioners while also saving time and effort.

Through Virtual Hallway, primary care providers can receive patient specific advice from specialists through brief phone consultations, at a time that works for their schedule. The goal of this process is to allow for efficient and rapid specialist input to help avoid delays to patient care.


Community Health Teams

The Community Health Teams are a program of Nova Scotia Health in partnership with IWK Health where healthcare providers offer health and wellness programming.

Programs are open to residents of Nova Scotia age 18 and older with a valid NS health card (unless otherwise indicated in the program description). You will be required to provide your health card number when registering and registration is required.

To learn more about their programs and current offerings, click here.

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