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This service is not administered by Nova Scotia Health Authority. Service Information may be incorrect and/or out of date. Confirm details with the service provider.

The Adult ICAN (Conquer Anxiety and Nervousness) Anxiety program (ages 18+) is designed to help you learn skills to control, face and deal with your anxiety. You will learn skills to use daily, to help you overcome your anxiety and deal with major life stressors.

This educational program is based on a Cognitive Behavioural approach. A Cognitive Behaviour approach changes negative ways of thinking and behaving and provides new, more effective ways of thinking and behaving. Program materials include a handbook or online access to written material, positive notes, videos, trackers, Supporter Information and Audio. You will have the choice of weekly telephone support through either one-on-one coaching or through a group-based program with other adults who share similar challenges. The program is available in English and French.

Accessing this Service

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By referral only. To access this service, please call the Intake Service at 1-855-922-1122. For more information about the program, visit .

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