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Are you, or is someone you’re worried about, a member of Nova Scotia’s LGBTQ+ community? There are programs and services available that were created specifically to address the unique concerns of people in this community.


Healing the wounds of prejudice 

Research shows that LGBTQ+ people have higher rates of mental health challenges than the general population, typically as a result of facing ongoing discrimination over their lifetimes. But we also know that having allies makes all the difference. This article offers hope for anyone who knows these struggles.


LGBTQ+ people and mental health

Key factors for positive mental health and wellbeing for LGBTQ+ individuals include support from family and friends, particularly for youth; supportive workplaces and neighbourhoods; low levels of internalized homophobia; and experiencing positive responses to coming out.

This article from the Canadian Mental Health Association offers insight and additional resources for anyone who can use a hand.




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