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Outpatient Withdrawal Management

The Outpatient Withdrawal Management combines functions of an outpatient (day program) withdrawal management (detox) and structured treatment, providing the support of a team-based approach. We match the program’s intensity and duration with an individual’s  needs and provide a shared-care approach focused on engaging with each client’s circle of care and circle of support.

It offers withdrawal management and/or structured relapse preventions based on individual care plans.

Withdrawal Management and Wellness focuses on the strengths of our clients and communities.

Accès à ce programme

Cliquez ici  si vous ne savez pas dans quelle zone NSHA vous vivez.

To access this service, please call the Intake Service at 1-855-922-1122 or contact the unit directly

You may also request a referral to our services from your doctor, other health care professionals or community agency familiar with your concerns.

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