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e-Mental Health Tools

What are e-Mental Health tools?

E-mental health and addiction tools are online resources for people who want to address their mental health and substance use issues or who are supporting others.

They can be helpful for people who may not have access to traditional mental health and addiction services, or for those who prefer to seek help online.

E-Mental Health does not replace in person treatment but instead provides additional options for Nova Scotians seeking support and care for their mental well-being and mental health and substance use concerns who need less intense services and supports.

View a full list of free e-mental health tools reviewed and approved by us.

Watch the video below for a brief introduction to e-mental health and addictions tools and an overview of our featured tools.

Who can access our e-Mental Health tools?

These resources are free of charge, confidential, available 24/7 and no referral is needed. E-Mental Health services are not crisis intervention tools but are for those experiencing mild to moderate mental health or substance use concerns.


How to access our e-Mental Health tools?

Click on the hyperlink or logo of the tool you are interested in to register. 

You can also visit our complete list of online tools that may help you in your wellness journey.


Featured tools


Mindwell logo


MindWell offers a platform that provides users with access to self-help modules, mindfulness exercises, and guided meditations to help reduce stress and anxiety.

The platform also offers live online courses and support to help integrate mindfulness into the daily lives of its users.

Through its live course and large library of content, Mindwell uses evidence-based techniques to help users develop coping skills and improve their mental health.


TAO logo


Therapy Assistance Online (TAO) is an online tool kit of effective evidence-based self-help modules.

Users have completely anonymous and free access to content that can make a difference in their lives.

The platform also includes assessment tools and personalized feedback to help users monitor their progress and achieve their mental health goals.


Togetherall logo


Togetherall is an online peer support platform designed to provide individuals with a safe and anonymous space to connect with others who are experiencing mental health challenges.

The platform offers a range of tools and resources, including:

  • discussion boards on a variety of topics,
  • self-assessment tests, and
  • online courses.

Togetherall is staffed by trained professionals who monitor the platform and provide guidance and support to users as needed.


Tranquility logo


Tranquility is an internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy program designed to help individuals manage symptoms of mild to moderate anxiety and depression.

Using evidence-based techniques, Tranquility provides users with personalized coaching support and guidance through a series of online exercises.

The exercises include how to notice and change negative thinking patterns, how to identify and set goals, and monitor progress. They also help users develop coping skills and deal with their anxiety or depression.


KidsHelpPhone logo








Kids Help Phone provides free, confidential, and anonymous counselling services to children, youth and young adults aged 5 to 29.

The organization offers a variety of services including:

  • phone counselling,
  • online chat and text messaging support,
  • a community forum and
  • self-guided educational courses on a variety of youth focused topics.

Kids Help Phone's trained counsellors provide support on a wide range of issues including mental health, relationships, bullying, and abuse. The organization also offers resources and referrals to other community services.


SMART Recovery logo

Smart Recovery offers a platform for individuals struggling with addiction.

Users can find support and resources to aid in their recovery.

The platform provides:

  • online meetings,
  • a community forum, and
  • a variety of tools and resources to help individuals develop coping skills, manage triggers, and maintain sobriety.

Smart Recovery utilizes an evidence-based approach to addiction recovery that emphasizes self-empowerment and self-reliance.

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