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Promotional/Educational Materials

Promotional Materials (Posters, Cards, Pamphlets, etc.)

Print your own promotional materials linked below!


Materials for Service Providers and Clinicians

e-Mental Health and Addictions 

eMental Health and Addictions Online Tools Guide

eMental Health Substance Use Toolkit

eMental Health Tools promotional postcard

Self-Injury Prevention Resources Toolkit

Strongest Families Institute Referral Form

Strongest Families Institute Online Referral Request

Suicide Prevention Resources Toolkit

Tranquility Promotional Poster

Tranquility - Client Education Sheet

Tranquility - Practitioner Education Sheet

Tranquility - Practitioner Referral Form

Tranquility - How to Refer in Accuro EMR

Tranquility - How to Refer in MedAccess EMR

MindWell - Client Information

TAO (Therapy Assistance Online) - Client Information

TAO (Therapy Assistance Online) - Provider Information

Togetherall - Client Information

Wellness Together Canada - Promotional Poster (English)



A person's journey through Intake Service

Additional Supports and Contacts

Atlantic Mentorship Network - Pain & Addiction one pager

What should I expect after a traumatic event?


Links to Videos 

Intake Service

First Appointment

Stepped Care Approach

e-Mental Health Support

Addictions Support


Tranquility and eMental Health information session recording


Social Media

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Media Requests

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